Wellness Care: Preventing Back And Joint Pain

Posted 11/01/2018
Why does James Harrison, a 39 year old NFL linebacker spend $300,000 a year in Chiropractic and Wellness care? He has no injury, he has no pain, so why is he spending over a quarter of million on personal healthcare? He understands that the best way to keep a body performing optimally is to pursue preventive care. The body is biomechanical machine that is meant to run a certain way. However, life can sometimes cause joints to stop moving correctly. When this happens other parts of the body have to compensate. When a joint is having to do the work of other body parts, it can wear out much faster. Much like rotating and balancing your vehicles tires, chiropractic can make sure you get the most ‘mileage’ out of your body’s joints. Here at Advanced Chiropractic I always give free consultations to anyone who has questions about their help. Schedule yours today at 351-8500!

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Dr. Mann

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