The Organ Clock

Traditional Chinese Medicine has a vast amount of study on the natural cycles of the body.  One of the most commonly known is the circadian rhythm which deals with things like the body’s natural wake and sleep cycles.  Another useful cycle is the organ clock.  According to the clock, different organ systems will display symptoms at certain times of the day.  Some believe that the body is regularly doing ‘repairs’ on specific organ systems at these times every day.  The times and systems are as follows:

11am-1pm Heart
1am-3pm Small Intestine
3pm-5pm Bladder
5pm-7pm Kidney
7pm-9pm Pericardium
9pm-11pm Endocrine And Metabolic
11pm-1am Gall Bladder
1am-3am Liver
3am-5am Lung
5am-7am Large Intestine
7am-9am Stomach
9am-11am Spleen

If you are experiencing any symptoms At these times give us a call! Nutritional support and counseling can provide relief and even cure the issues at hand.

Journal of Traditional Chinese Medical Sciences,
Volume 3, Issue 4,
Pages 206-211

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