Simple Ways To Decrease RF Radiation Exposure

1.Turn off devices when you are not using them or put them in airplane mode.

2. Turn off Bluetooth

3. If you hold your phone to  Skype or Facetime use a phone stand or mount instead. 

4. Ditch the WIFI at home. Wired connections actually give faster, more reliable internet speeds.

5. If you just can’t exist without WiFi, turn it off whenever you can. 

6. Carry your phone in a bag or purse instead of pocket or hand

7. Turn the WIFI off your appliances and gadgets: printer, Smart TV, and home monitoring devices. 

8. Turn off the baby monitor anytime you’re not using it AND make sure it’s at least 15 feet from you and the baby.

9. Use a wired headset or wired earbuds that include Air Tube Technology.  The tube of air actually creates a buffer between you and the RF radiation.

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