Review Of RF Radiation Protection Devices

This post in our RF radiation series will discuss products being marketed to decrease our daily exposure to RF radiation being emitted from cellphone devices. One of the first things that pops up on a search of how to prevent cellphone radiation exposure is a cellphone case that claims to ‘block’ the RF radiation being emitted from cellphones. According to, these cellphone cases had zero effect on the amount of radiation being emitted. However if you look at the fine print for some of the case manufacturing companies you will find statements the admit that no testing was actually done to see if emitted radiation was decreased. The facts they try to stand on are that the materials used in the cases have been successfully used in other devices and products that decrease emitted radiation. Another device that is popular is a small adhesive object that you stick to your phone that is supposed ‘absorb’ the emitted waves. No supporting evidence was found to prove these companies claims.

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