New Year’s Fitness Goals

It’s a new year and many of you are looking to get in to shape and make a new you! Unfortunately, many people get to the gym and think that their guided tour is all they need to achieve their fitness goals. There is always a spike in gym injuries that come to the clinic when the New Year’s resolutions of exercise come in to fruition. The reason is many exercises are too intense or require precise motions. Improper technique can cause injury and limit your results. Here at Advanced Chiropractic we always give free Functional Movement Screenings. What is a Functional Movement Screening? It is a simple mobility test that allows us to identify potential causes for injury that may not even be painful yet! The NFL uses it and found it to be successful upwards of 85% of the time at predicting serious injuries. Give us a call and book your free screening today!

Happy New Year!
Dr. Mann

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