FREE $25 Massage Gift Card

Running out of time to find the perfect gift?  Advanced Chiropractic is offering a FREE $25 gift card when you purchase $100 in gift cards!  We offer Swedish, deep tissue, lymphatic, prenatal, and  medical massages.  Swedish massage typically involves massaging the entire body and is a lighter pressure than deep tissue massage.  Deep tissue massage is similar to Swedish massage but with more pressure and can at times can be painful.  Lymphatic massage has a lighter pressure and focuses on flushing the body.  Prenatal massages can help relieve some of the discomfort involved with pregnancy.  Medical massages are often tailored for a specific medical need such as low back or neck pain.  An Advanced Chiropractic Doctor can help direct patients to the correct type of massage they will benefit from most.  Call today offer ends 12/23/21!

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