The Effects Of Cellphone RF Radiation Exposure

Continuing with our recent series and cellphone and RF radiation exposure we will now be diving in to the effects that RF radiation can have on the body. Now keep in mind most major health authorities stance is that RF radiation is harmless- but these are also the same groups that were slow to issue warnings about aspartame and teflon.  Listed below are reported symptoms after being exposed to RF radiation:

Sleep issues
Head pain
Tinnitus or ringing in the ears
Lethargy and extreme tiredness
Memory, fog, cognitive issues
Burning, tingling, numbness
headaches and head pain
Tinnitus or ringing in the ears
Lethargy and extreme tiredness
memory, a fog, cognitive issues
burning, tingling, numbness
cardiac symptoms and heart palpitations
Joint pain
The onset of Electromagnetic Sensitivity or ES or EHS
Pressure, Heat
Anxiety, Irritiblility
Problems with eyes or eyesight
Chest Pain
Rashes, Excema, Skin issues
Muscle spasms
digestive or bowel problems
muscle spasms, cramps and twitches, neuropathy
nose bleeds
ear problems, worsening hearing
depression, loss of motivation
endocrine problems and thyroid problems
increased rate of infections or colds
allergies, food sensitivity
intensity of electromagnetic sensitivity
sinus problems
lump in throat or throat problems
weight loss or loss of appetite
swollen face
bladder infections, strains
flu like symptoms
weight gain, inability to talk
loss of motor skills
loss of feeling from the waist down


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