Cell Phone Radiation Continued

This post will discuss in more detail the RF levels coming from your phone and the best practices when using your cellphone. The government website arpansa.gov.au defines radiofrequency radiation (RF) as ‘… the transfer of energy by radio waves.’ It was previously thought that these types of radiation did not affect the body. However, recent research says otherwise and will be covered in future posts. With this in mind it is useful to know that RF levels fluctuate. Your phone actually emits more RF radiation while charging and also when in use. Using speakerphone and hands-free talking options is not only safer those around you but help reduce your RF exposure. When charging your phone (especially at night while sleeping) keep it at least 12 inches away from you to avoid higher levels of RF radiation. Take the phone out of your pocket and move away from your body as often as possible. For more immediate information call Advanced Chiropractic to schedule a FREE Wellness Consultation at 351-8500!

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