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Essential Oils

Essential oils can be used for many things. Advanced chiropractic is now a supplier of young living essential oils. Young living was the original manufacture of essential oil‘s. From …


Right now CBD oil is all the rage across America. From seizure treatment to skin care the claims for its uses have been stated across the board. While there …

Nutrition Counseling

Posted 3/01/2019 Nutrition. I get this question all the time. It is a loaded question, and the truth is wherever you go you will probably find conflicting answers. Chiropractors …

How To Lose Weight

Posted 10/01/2018 Today’s topic is a tidbit on weight loss. It seems every few months there is a new and better way to lose weight. ‘Buy this meal kit’ …

Headaches And Relief

Posted 9/12/2018 Many people suffer from all kinds of headaches. Tension, Migraine, Cluster, Cervicogenic, Sinus and other types can be frustrating and even debilitating.  Another point of interest is …


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