Are 5G Towers Dangerous?

As most of you are aware- 5G is the latest thing all the cellphone carriers are chirping about in their ads. It is the fifth generation (5G) of cellphone towers that promises the highest speeds and best connections for our phones that we have ever had. Sounds great right?! But hold on a second- these massive towers that are emitting RF radiation in strengths large enough to connect entire cities to cellphone service; are they safe? It has already been proven that prolonged RF radiation exposure equivalent to that emitted from a single cell phone causes cancer in animals. There’s no way a giant higher powered source of radiation could be dangerous too right? For now we will have to simply speculate and use common sense. There is little to no research on the effects these new towers can have on humans. However, it would be a smart move to slow the construction of these 5G towers until we know more about them.

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